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Welcome to the New World of Biotechnology!

OSENUM has set itself the goal of preserving natural resources for future generations.

The intensive agriculture practices of today, the application of larger quantities of mineral fertilisers, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides is causing falling yields of soils. The resulting humus loss is having the effect of not allowing the soil to store enough CO2. The greenhouse gases which are increasingly generated by this are contributing to climate change!

Your problems

  • water shortage
  • salinised soils
  • pest infestation
  • arable weeds
  • lack of micro- and macro-organisms
  • soil erosion
  • nutrient deficiency
  • and many more (!) are evaluated and solved by our specialists.

Our solutions

Nature functions as a cycle, with a lot of factors playing a role. We find it therefore essential to develop, together with our customers, a comprehensive approach towards a solution, beginning with soil analysis, humus formation and preservation, all the way to an optimal attainment of individual goals.

To optimally advance and support agriculture and forestry, horticulture and landscaping in a sustainable way, and at the same time to protect the environment, encourages us to permanently develop new biotechnological innovations.

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OSENUM Mykosoil Products – INNOVATIONS in Biotechnology

The “wisdom of nature” is reflected in our Mykosoil products.

With a passion for new biotechnologies, our scientists began researching mycorrhiza in 1965. Since then, more than 700 types of the mycorrhizal fungi have been incorporated into our database. With constant and continuous research and development, and in close cooperation with universities and professionals, OSENUM has developed its unique Mykosoil products, which are based on various types of mycorrhiza and important complementary products.

Due to our edge in knowledge, we are offering – in contrast to our competition – advanced mycorrhiza products, which are tested for their activity prior to their delivery.

ADVANTAGES of our Mykosoil Biotechnology

  • saving water
  • optimising plant nutrition
  • strengthening the immune system
  • increasing productivity
  • natural crop protection
  • taste improvement
  • faster growth
  • increase in biomass, and
  • in case of hydroponics: improvement of flavouring agents and ingredients of the cultures – as if grown in soil!

Mykosoil products are advanced organic fertilisers, soil and plant improvers, and crop growth stimulators.

Mykosoil products

Mykosoil BT

Our basic product

Mycorrhiza, bacteria, minerals, and humic acids on small-grain expanded clay granulate.

Intended use: for horticulture and landscaping, fruit-growing, viticulture, hobby-gardening, greenhouse culture

Mykosoil Endo Prof

Our basic product for agriculture

Mycorrhiza, bacteria, minerals, and humic acids on diatomaceous earth or zeolite

Intended use: as dry powder treatment of seeds

Mykosoil Endo Prof Pearl

Our basic product for agriculture

Mycorrhiza, bacteria, minerals, and humic acids on a core of zeolite

Intended use: for optimal dosage while sowing or repeat applications in case of permaculture, in horticulture and landscaping, fruit-growing, viticulture, and in hobby-gardening

Mykosoil LH

Our basic product for all plants

High-molecular humic acid on the basis of lignin

Intended use: for all agricultural and horticultural processes, manure treatment, humus formation, composting, as booster for mineral agents