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OSENUM is helping companies to reduce their energy consumption, to save on costs, and to act in a sustainable way.

Within the scope of energy management, we are comprehensively consulting our customers on the topics of energy management and renewable sources of energy.

Measures addressing energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energy contribute towards a transformation of the energy system, and they have positive economic and ecological effects.

Energy efficiency is considered to be the coherent working together of energy and of resources within the act of value creation. In doing so, products and solutions are refined through processes. This integrative view of the processes and the resources employed, as well as the provision of energy, its distribution and usage, provide for a substantial rise of energy efficiency, for reduction of resource usage, and are forming the foundation for a substantial strategy of decarbonisation.

To recognise dependencies and to make changes predictable, are all the same tasks of our specialists, as is the strict observation and auditing of energy efficiency measures according to the DIN EN 16247 standard. By this there were already more than 35 GWh/a and 7,500t CO2 per year saved.

Energy efficiency does not commence at the factory level, but much earlier.

For example, in the case of an agricultural enterprise, this takes place while sourcing fertilisers and crop protection products. If the quantities used are reduced, the energy usage for their production, the transportation to the farm, and its application is reduced. To point out these relationships and costs is our duty!